Magda H. Barecka

Magda H. Barecka

Assistant Professor


  • Carbon Capture, Carbon Utilization, Electrochemistry

About Magda H. Barecka

In Barecka’s Lab, we seek to provide technically feasible and economically viable solutions to one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century: the need for transition to carbon neutrality. To achieve this goal, we need to develop capabilities of recycling carbon dioxide and using it as a sustainable feedstock for production processes. Thus, our group will explore the potential of electrochemistry and discover new ways of turning carbon dioxide into valuable products, develop better catalysts and separation techniques, elucidate new chemical pathways and design more efficient electrochemical reactors. We are also interested in modeling of complex electrochemical processes, evaluating their techno-economics and understanding their scalability. Our group will interact closely with the industry and renewable energy providers.
Dr. Barecka holds a PhD degree from TU Dortmund University (Germany), and completed the Post-Doc training at the University of Cambridge, Research Centre in Singapore (CARES). She developed a methodology supporting the implementation of intensified technologies in the chemical manufacturing and overseen the transfer of the method to industry. She also worked in pharmaceutical/fine chemicals sector in Switzerland on the design of manufacturing lines, as well as established collaborations with Academia towards the development of algorithms accelerating process development. She holds several patents.



Mailing Address:

201 Cullinane Hall, Boston, MA 02115

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