Marine and Environmental Sciences

The Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences programs are designed to help students develop an in-depth understanding of the processes that affect the earth’s surface and their importance to society.

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Marine and Environmental Sciences Degree Programs

There are many programs offered for both undergraduates and graduates, with an emphasis on experiential learning through programs like the Three Seas Program, enabling students to experience marine life first-hand.


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Snails shown to pass along fear of predation to offspring

Research from the Trussell Lab provides further evidence to the theory that parent snails pass along a fear of predation to their offspring, which results in changes in the embryonic…

Impacts of oyster farming on sediment microbial communities vary depending on technique

Research out of the Bowen Lab suggest that different oyster farming practices alter sediment carbon in different ways, though there were no differences observed in the abundance of pathogenic Vibrio…

Bridging the ‘practice science gap’ to optimize restoration projects

As restoration projects throughout Massachusetts and the country focus on restoring natural ecosystems, researchers at Northeastern University are looking for ways to better bridge the "practice science gap" between practitioners…


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Feb 13th, 2018
Presented by Marc Albert, Natural Resource Partnerships Program Director The Boston Harbor islands are a national treasure with a unique geologic history and biota. Since 1996, the National Parks Service…
Mar 1st, 2018
Presented by Anne Salomon, PhD Associate Professor and Hakai Professor Simon Fraser University Ecological surprises challenge science and society. While emerging evidence points to the existence of abrupt shifts in…