Gabriela Garcia

Gabriela Garcia

Assistant Professor
Marine and Environmental Sciences and Public Policy


  • Environmental Policy, Plant Ecology, Socio-ecological Dynamics, Resilience

About Gabriela Garcia

Research in my group is positioned at the intersection of today’s biodiversity, food security, and climate crises. As shifting precipitation patterns and extreme events disrupt agroecosystem function and threaten farmer livelihoods, we advance a predictive framework for understanding how socio-ecological systems respond to disturbance.

We integrate ecological fieldwork, qualitative interview analyses, and large-scale datasets to explore the reciprocal relationships between plants and people. We are especially interested in the ways plant population and community dynamics feedback with human well-being and management decision-making.

We value cross-disciplinary, collaborative, solution-driven research. Sharing research findings broadly, and ensuring they reach focal communities and policymakers, are core principles of our work.


Institutes, Labs & Research Centers
Socio-ecological Dynamics, Plant Ecology, and the Science-policy Lab
Marine and Environmental Sciences

We examine socio-ecological plant systems that preserve biodiversity and foster resilience to a changing climate, including how plant population and community dynamics impact human well-being and management decision-making, and how those decisions feed back to influence ecosystem dynamics.



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