Study Abroad Experiences

Alexandra Belzie

Alexandra spent Spring 2017 semester studying abroad at Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland. This picture was taken at Le Lac Leman, with the Jet D’eau spraying in the back. Alexandra was able to extend her learning outside of the classroom by being a patron of the United Nations Library, and attended many conferences and social events that opened her up to what the world has to offer and what it needs from people like ourselves. Studying abroad was an enriching experience that made her feel like a big fish in a small pond: it was a nice break from a large university campus which allowed her to grow in confidence and made her think of herself as a mover-and-shaker.


Karina Bistrong

Karina spent Spring 2017 semester abroad in Sydney, Australia, studying at the University of Sydney. This picture was taken at the iconic Sydney Opera House, one of her favorite places. During her time abroad, you could find Karina either here or at one of Sydney’s many beautiful beaches. Her favorite part of being there was the laid-back culture and all of the great memories she acquired while  traveling with friends. Karina made the most out of her time abroad by exploring the city while also traveling within Australia and to nearby countries! It was a worthwhile experience that she will never forget and Karina definitely plan on returning again some day. 

Annie Bryant

Annie (BNS ’19) studied at the University of Sydney, Australia, during Spring 2017. She was able to take classes for both her major and minor (computer science), as well as her personal favorite elective, glassblowing. Here she’s pictured working with what would eventually become a misshapen tumbler. When she wasn’t getting creative while trying to avoid injury via flaming hot glass, Annie often found herself eating avocado toast, hiking along beautiful coastal trails, and biking around the Sydney harbor. Her five months in Australia were filled with adventure, from Bali to the Outback, as well as lifelong memories and friendships. Annie absolutely recommends studying abroad to explore cultures and classes you probably wouldn’t experience at Northeastern. If you need more convincing, check out her photo blog here.

Claire Celestin

Claire spent Spring 2017 semester studying abroad at Bond University in Goldcoast, Queensland. This picture was taken a few days after she arrived in Australia, when traveling to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Fun fact: this kangaroo is female and expecting a Joey very soon! According to Claire, “My experience abroad was absolutely incredible and I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about it. There is a certain growth and change that occurs when you are able to travel across the world and be independent for a bit!” Claire will continue her worldly adventures this upcoming fall at an international co-op in Peru.

Lucy Bingham_new zealandLucy Bingham

Lucy, BNS ‘17, spent her semester abroad at University of Auckland, New Zealand in Spring 2016. Despite the closed eyes in this picture, New Zealand opened her eyes to the beauty of nature and how important it is to appreciate the planet we live on as well as the people we share it with. This picture was taken on her mid-semester break when she took a road trip of the South Island, getting to explore and adventure and tentatively drive on the left side of the road. She has also participated in international coop and a dialogue, and would recommend Study Abroad to anyone interested in broadening their scope of the world!

KB in Germany

Kristen Brown

Kristen spent the Spring 2016 semester at the Free University of Berlin, taking classes to complete her history minor. She was able to pick up some basic German skills while learning about Berlin’s incredible past as well as its modern challenges. She even made it to a few soccer games at the Olympic Stadium. Living with a host family, she got to experience daily life in a new country, which is something she recommends everyone try at some point. Kristen also had many opportunities to travel elsewhere in Europe, including to Munich, where she ate her weight in giant pretzels like this one.


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Jennifer Hayashi

During the 2016 Spring semester, Jennifer had the opportunity to study abroad in London, United Kingdom at the City University of London. Not only was she able to experience living in one of the world’s most vibrant, global cities, but she was also fortunate enough to travel around to several other countries and experience a multitude of European cultures. Following this semester, Jennifer feels more confident as a global citizen and is grateful for each experience and adventure.