Eric Brengel

Eric Brengel


  • MTBI, Preclinical MRI, Immunohistochemistry, Neuroplasticity

About Eric Brengel

PI: Craig Ferris
Lab: Center for Translational Neuroimaging

Eric is a second-year Ph.D. candidate with a deep interest repetitive concussion-related neurodegeneration. His current research brings together preclinical diffusion and functional MRI, histology, and behavioral assays to investigate the neuropathology of repetitive mild head injury, as well as the therapeutic potential of psychedelic treatment. Previously, he studied exercise-induced myelin plasticity under the mentorship of Dr. Anna Klintsova at the University of Delaware (M.S. 2022, B.S./B.A. 2021).


Mailing Address:

125 Nightingale Hall, Boston, MA 02115

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