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Research. Education. Innovation.

Across a culture of respect and equity, we are solving the greatest challenges of our planet, with groundbreaking fundamental and applied research. Through innovative, research-linked experiential education, our students are empowered to be confident, entrepreneurial problem-solvers, with flexible skills for a vast set of careers.

Scientific Discovery Around Every Corner

Meet our new COS faculty: Hannah Sayre
Hannah Sayre joins the College of Science faculty! She holds a secondary appointment at the College of Engineering and is starting an interdisciplinary lab at Northeastern.
To safeguard key coastal ecosystems, this scientist starts by talking to the local anglers
“Empowering the community to be involved and make decisions is not only a way to help us to help the community—it’s actually making our science better,” says PhD student Savannah Swinea.
Using this billion-dollar laser, physicists hope to probe the quantum world for new discoveries
Professors Arun Bansil and Andrew Feiguin are part of a multi-institutional team that has received a $2.7 million grant from the Department of Energy to better understand the properties and states of certain magnetic materials.
You're with us! disability mentoring co-op expands inclusivity
Second-year psychology major, Aliyah Jackson shares her co-op experience at You're With Us! and how it changed her perspective on disability.
When we think about nature vs. nurture, we're biased. Here's why.
Psychology professor Iris Berent's research studies the way we think about human nature, questioning long-held beliefs about what humans are born knowing.
Why a groundbreaking brain simulation machine promises new health insights
An interdisciplinary group of researchers at Northeastern receive a grant from the NSF, allowing them to acquire a machine capable of transcranial magnetic stimulation.
Is wildfire soot leaving a mark on the world’s oceans?
New research by Aron Stubbins, associate professor of marine and environmental sciences, studies how black carbon from wildfires finds its way into the rivers.
Their co-op contributed to advancing new research on Alzheimer’s and brain health.
Behavioral Neuroscience students, Sabrina Bond and Sofia Mazuera, co-authored a research study on brain health that is receiving national attention.

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Departments & Programs of Study

The College of Science’s broad-ranging programs in physical sciences, life sciences and mathematics are aimed at a deep understanding of emerging research and technology. Discover the degree programs available, learn about the faculty and research opportunities, and more!

Undergraduate Degree Application Deadlines and Decisions

Early Decision I
Deadline Nov. 1, Notification by Dec. 15

Early Decision II
Deadline Jan. 1, Notification by Feb. 15

Early Action
Deadline Nov. 1, Notification by Feb. 1

Regular Decision
Deadline Jan. 1, Notification by Apr. 1

Graduate Degree Application Deadlines and Decisions

Fall: August 1st
Spring: December 1st

Fall: June 1st
Spring: October 1st

International currently on a F1 visa in the US
Fall: July 15th
Spring: October 31st


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Our wide scope of Experiential Learning opportunities help our students discover their future path. Experiences include our signature Cooperative Education (co-op) program, vast Global Experience offerings, and civic outreach through our Service-Learning platform. Students work with advisors to tailor their education to meet specific learning and personal goals.

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Our PreMed and PreHealth Advising program offers personalized expertise to COS students pursuing careers in healthcare. This comprehensive program includes application guidance, workshops and presentations, course mapping and more.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Research is the foundation of the scientific community. It will build your resume, help you forge connections, and give you a glimpse into potential careers. Take advantage of the head start by reviewing all your opportunities at COS. Think big, and get to work.

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