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Research. Education. Innovation.

Across a culture of respect and equity, we are solving the greatest challenges of our planet, with groundbreaking fundamental and applied research. Through innovative, research-linked experiential education, our students are empowered to be confident, entrepreneurial problem-solvers, with flexible skills for a vast set of careers.

Scientific Discovery Around Every Corner

stock photo of cephalopod
These co-ops are taking part in creating the next model organism, one cephalopod at a time.
Students Sarah Beecy's and Sonia van Stekelenborg's co-op at the Marine Biological Laboratory offers them hands-on experience as cephalopod aquarists.
Steven Lopez is photographed writing on dry erase board.
Can we mimic the chemistry of the sun to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere?
Steven Lopez, one of four principal investigators in the Institute for Data-Driven Dynamical Design uses machine learning to discover new sustainable materials.
Headshot of Mehak Gupta
Q&A with Mehak Guptah, MS Biotechnology
Biotechnology student, Karissa Stisser, offers an inside look to her experience as a College of Science Master's student.
Stock photo of sign language
Babies respond to sign language. What does that tell us about human nature?
``Human brains are language-ready,`` says Iris Berent. Her latest research uncovers that not only are infants quick to learn speech, but also sign language.
Photo of Sophia Samaha on co-op at The Food Project
On co-op with Sophia Samaha
``My work at The Food Project has felt fulfilling and purposeful, and I hope to continue to work at companies that make me feel like I am making a difference,`` says Samaha.
Meet our new COS faculty: Joanna Weaver
Joanna Weaver joins the College of Science Psychology department! ``I look forward to growing as a teacher and continuing to hone my pedagogical skills,`` says Weaver.
Could this treatment prevent chronic Lyme disease?
Biology professor, Kim Lewis' research sheds light on possible targeted treatment for acute Lyme Disease.
Photo of David DeSteno's book "How God Works"
David DeSteno believes science can learn from religion
David DeSteno's new book “How God Works: The Science Behind the Benefits of Religion” highlights the unique benefits of organized religion.

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Departments & Programs of Study

The College of Science’s broad-ranging programs in physical sciences, life sciences and mathematics are aimed at a deep understanding of emerging research and technology. Discover the degree programs available, learn about the faculty and research opportunities, and more!

Undergraduate Degree Application Deadlines and Decisions

Early Decision I
Deadline Nov. 1, Notification by Dec. 15

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Deadline Jan. 1, Notification by Feb. 15

Early Action
Deadline Nov. 1, Notification by Feb. 1

Regular Decision
Deadline Jan. 1, Notification by Apr. 1

Graduate Degree Application Deadlines and Decisions

Fall: August 1st
Spring: December 1st

Fall: June 1st
Spring: October 1st

International currently on a F1 visa in the US
Fall: July 15th
Spring: October 31st


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