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Connecting with Excellence: Northeastern’s College of Science 2021-2022 Annual Report

Science is the Olympics of discovery and application. The teachers who construct courses with elegance and insight, the researchers addressing questions with stunning logic, the students who learn things new and fascinating, and who understand new possibilities for their futures, are our Gold Medalists. Often, we play team sports, working together to the finish line of scientific solutions.

Everyone’s effort and contribution are medal-worthy when it comes to our College of Science at Northeastern University, across learning, teaching, research, and expert administration. Within a culture of respect and action toward equity, excellence in Science is what we do.

Like Olympic sports, Science research breaks frontiers, to reveal the unexpected and the fascinating, and toward powerful solutions. For example, biology researchers are understanding how bacteria become deadly pathogens, immune to current antibiotics, and devising new medicines to combat infection. Across marine and environmental sciences, investigators are examining how plastics cycle through the environment, and how to minimize their toxic impact. Mathematicians are combining their scholarship with computation to examine huge data sets, where some outcomes will improve accuracy of patient MRI scans. Physicists are working to derive exotic quantum materials that will revolutionize communications and detection. And our psychology researchers probe the brain as it thinks, leading to therapies for PTSD and autism. The Good Power of Science builds new cures, new energy sources, new materials, new ways to protect our planet, to address the greatest challenges of science and society.

In the Northeastern University College of Science, our research is intertwined with the great mission of educating students at every level, who become empowered for top careers or next educational steps. Our prowess in research and education is achieved by connecting across disciplines, across Northeastern University, across communities, and across our planet, so that we meet College of Science goals and supports the university’s academic plan.

Congratulations to every College member for participating in the Olympics of Science, thank you to each of you who support our work, and thank you for celebrating our excellence!