Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern
Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University
(1) Elizabeth Curtis at Boston Beer Company. Photo by Tim Briggs (2) Katie Larkin, Jameson O’Reilly, and Preston Epps at CERN (3) Megan Cullis at the New England Aquarium

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Across a culture of respect and equity, we are solving the greatest challenges of our planet, with groundbreaking fundamental and applied research. Through innovative, research-linked experiential education, our students are empowered to be confident, entrepreneurial problem-solvers, with flexible skills for a vast set of careers.

Scientific Discovery Around Every Corner

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Our faculty are internationally recognized contributors and leaders in a wide range of disciplines, tackling the global challenges facing health, security, and sustainability in their labs and classrooms.
masks on a red background
WSJ - Covid-19 immune response could be long lasting, but variants present risks
Samuel Scarpino comments on the impact low vaccination rates in certain areas will have on surges in COVID-19 infections for The WSJ.
Jacqueline, a student in the College of Science PlusOne Program, has completed her undergraduate degree in Chemistry and will be graduating with her master’s degree in Chemistry in August 2020. Jackie would recommend the PlusOne program to students who want to get a more advanced degree, but do not want to complete a PhD, as a Master’s degree is usually included in a PhD.
Jacqueline Wood’s journey through two degrees
``The PlusOne program and the College of Science have prepared me for my future,`` says Jacqueline Woods, S'20.
Photo of Covid-19 vaccine administered through an inhaler.
No needles? No problem. This COVID-19 vaccine could be inhaled.
New research by Paul Whitford suggests that future COVID-19 vaccines could be inhaled instead of administered via needle. His work is published by the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Katie Lotterhos working in the lab
What would make oysters better? This scientist is figuring it out.
Katie Lotterhos, associate professor of marine and environmental sciences, recently received a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation and a Fulbright scholarship. She plans to breed better oysters.
David Femi Lamptey and Nita Akoh pose for a photo
COVID-19 is surging through Africa. These students want to help.
In her new role as president of the Northeastern African Student Organization, behavioral neuroscience major Nita Akoh hopes to help Africa fight COVID-19.
CNN - Extreme heat cooked mussels, clams and other shellfish alive in Western Canada
Unprecedented heat has killed as many as 1 billion mussels living along Western Canada beaches, a grim warning for the future of our oceans says Brian Helmuth. displayed on smartphone screen
A class project inspired this healthcare device to solve a common drug storage problem
Northeastern students develop a potentially affordable solution for storing pharmaceutical drugs at the right temperature.

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