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Dedicated to providing an innovative, experientially-driven scientific education that inspires the next generation of leaders, and to creating new knowledge and technologies that transform our future. We are committed to integrating intellectual discovery and use-inspired research to improve the human condition and the environment.

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The College of Science's broad-ranging programs in physical sciences, life sciences and mathematics are aimed at a deep understanding of emerging research and technology. Discover the degree programs available, learn about the faculty and research opportunities, and more!

Undergraduate Application Deadlines & Decisions

  • Early Decision I

    Undergraduate Deadline
    Notification by Dec 15
  • Early Decision II

    Undergraduate Deadline
    Notification by Feb 15
  • Early Action

    Undergraduate Deadline
    Notification by Feb 01
  • Regular Decision

    Undergraduate Deadline
    Notification by Apr 01

Faculty & Research

The College of Science is very proud of its faculty and their research initiatives. Here is a sampling of some of the latest research grant recipients...

Valerio Toledano Laredo


Valerio Toledano Laredo received his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge in 1997. After working for almost ten...

Leila Deravi

Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Integrating materials, biochemistry, and design at Northeastern University.

Jonathan Tilly


My lab seeks to improve women’s healthcare and overcome infertility by translating what we uncover through cellular, molecular, genetic,...

Lisa Barrett


Dr. Barrett’s research focuses on the nature of emotion from the perspectives of both psychology and neuroscience, and takes...

Alessandro Vespignani


Alessandro Vespignani research activity is focused on the study of “techno-social” systems, where infrastructures composed of different technological layers...

Experiential Learning

NU's cooperative education program offers students experiences at home and abroad that result in a richer, more meaningful education. Take a look at some of the places where our science students are currently on co-op:

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By the Numbers

Northeastern College of Science By the Numbers

  • 26 … countries College of Science students are currently in for co-op
  • 137 … number of active research laboratories in the College of Science
  • 130 … countries Northeastern students call home
  • 200+ ... faculty members in the College of Science


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close up teenager drinking pure water from glass

Your Child Is Feeling Sluggish. How Much Water Has She Had to Drink Today?

The more hydrated children are, the faster their reaction times and the better they are able to multitask, a new study co-authored by Northeastern professor Charles Hillman has found.
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Jessica Slevin, who studies conservation science at Northeastern, carries bamboo sticks, a palm tree, and a banana tree to plant. Photo by Hiroko Tanaka for Northeastern University

When You Can’t Imagine Living in a City Again

At VerdEnergia, farm systems are designed to match the specific natural characteristics of the ecosystem. These kinds of systems tend to be more self supporting than conventional agriculture.
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Iron: The Swiss Army Knife for Bacteria

Dr. Yunrong Chai and his team discovered new, essential uses for iron in biofilms, the bacterial populations that colonize our bodies, our hospitals, and our world.
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More Events
Nov 13th, 2019
Dr. Peng Liu, Associate Professor of Chemistry University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA Department of Chemistry Topic: Reactivity and selectivity rules in organic and organometallic reactions, catalyst screening and prediction
Nov 13th, 2019
Dr. Megan Finn is giving a lecture during which she will discuss how people produce and circulate information in earthquake publics using a comparative historical lens. She will analyze the…