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Across a culture of respect and equity, we are solving the greatest challenges of our planet, with groundbreaking fundamental and applied research. Through innovative, research-linked experiential education, our students are empowered to be confident, entrepreneurial problem-solvers, with flexible skills for a vast set of careers.

Scientific Discovery Around Every Corner

Northeastern student researches dolphin behavior for a Greek marine conservation nonprofit during Mediterranean Sea co-op
Francesca Russell, now a fourth-year student, spent last spring on co-op with Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation based in Agios Konstantinos, Greece.
Science and religion can get along, says former director of the National Institutes of Health
Francis Collins, a man of science and faith, explains what is lost when divisions are drawn between the two, as part of Northeastern psychology professor David DeSteno’s podcast, “How God Works.”
Six undergraduate scientists travel to a national meeting in San Antonio to present their research
In the heart of San Antonio, Texas, a vibrant cohort of scientists from Northeastern University’s College of Science rocked the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology's #DiscoverBMB annual conference.
16 Easy Ways to Support the College of Science
Get a jumpstart on Giving Day with 16 ways that you can help support the College of Science!
You’ve heard of a leap year, but what about a leap second? A physicist explains what is messing with the Earth’s rotation
Meltwater from the polar ice caps, combined with the shifting spin of Earth’s core, is messing with the Earth’s rotation to the point that we might need to adjust for a “negative leap second.”
Can AI find extraterrestrial life? NASA’s Steve Chien delivers keynote to kick off AI in Action Week.
The researcher from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory gave a ‘whirlwind overview’ of how AI is revolutionizing space exploration — from autonomous spacecraft to analyzing the surface of Mars.
Can pottery be therapy? This psychology student thinks so.
Fifth-year Northeastern University undergrad David Chatson feels most at home ‘throwing’ in a ceramics studio — and he’s passionate about studying and sharing the peace he finds at the wheel.
Five decades after his graduation, a legendary general returns to Northeastern as an inductee into the ROTC Hall of Fame
Salvatore Cambria, a retired U.S. Army major general, had not visited Northeastern University since he graduated with a biology degree in 1976.

In the Media

More In the Media
Jing-Ke Weng
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
How do fireflies get their glow? We finally have some answers.
March 7, 2024
Dan Distel
Marine and Environmental Sciences
A New Creature Emerges From a Forest Drowned by the Gulf of Mexico
February 6, 2024
Jeffrey Agar
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Ingredients for ALS treatment, effective in animal experiments, U.S. universities
February 1, 2024
Jeffrey Agar
Chemistry and Chemical Biology
New Treatment Shows Promise Against Fatal Neurological Disease: Study
January 30, 2024
Sam Scarpino
Network Science Program
How wastewater could offer an early warning system for measles
January 26, 2024
Toyoko Orimoto
Particle Physicists Agree on a Road Map for the Next Decade
December 8, 2023

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