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Dori Woods

Dori Woods

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Mailing Address:

134 MU (Mugar Life Sciences Building), Boston, MA 02111


  • Aging, Mitochondria, regenerative medicine, Reproductive biology, stem cell biology



The Woods Laboratory is interested in studying the role of mitochondria in normal and disease states, with a major emphasis on female reproductive function and health. The major research thrusts in the laboratory are centered on four main, and complementary, areas, including 1) cellular mechanisms underlying mitochondrial biogenesis and mitophagy; 2) cancer research (chiefly ovarian cancer, including rare forms) and the alternate roles of mitochondria in promoting cancer cell survival; 3) the role of mitochondria in ovarian function, including ovarian somatic cells, female germ cells, and oocytes; and 4) the potential for stem cell contribution to ovarian function through regenerative therapeutic technologies.

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