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Pre-co-op panel, 6 MS Biotech students

Students in MS Biotechnology Share Rewarding Pre-co-op Experiences

On November 14, students in Northeastern’s Biotechnology Professional Science Master’s program gathered in the Curry Student Center to hear their classmates describe the pre-co-op work experiences they had performed during the summer semester. Co-op Coordinator Vanecia Harrison-Sanders moderated the panel. The intent of the pre-co-op is to provide “real-world” learning in industry, government, teaching hospitals, and academic research […]

PhD Profile: Carolina Mattsson

Carolina Mattsson, a Network Science PhD candidate, sits down with the College of Science Graduate Program staff to talk about what it’s like to work and study at Northeastern University.
Lisa Feldman Barrett

Psychology professor delves into anger in NYT

There isn't just one type of anger. Recently we've seen many of them displayed in our communities. Which kind of angry have you been?

Quantum Magic Inside the Human Body

It takes a lot of tricks to make the body tick — from a symphony of microorganisms in the gut to proteins that function like Swiss Army knives. A new study suggests a similarly ingenious mechanism could be behind one of the most important aspects of cellular function. The study is about the behavior of […]

Ovary regeneration in salamander could provide solutions to human infertility

Ovary Regeneration? In a study published in the journal Stem Cells, Northeastern University biology professor James Monaghan and his team have discovered that these salamanders not only have the capability of re-growing limbs, they can also regenerate their ovaries and produce eggs throughout their lifespan. “When we remove a large portion of the ovary, it […]