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Jerome Hajjar speaking with flowers and a screen behind him.

“There is enough wind energy capacity off the East Coast to power the entire country”

While countries in Northern Europe have been using wind energy for more than two decades, the United States hasn’t invested much in the technology. But that’s all starting to change. “This is an industry that is about to explode,” said Jerome Hajjar, an expert on infrastructure design and professor of engineering at Northeastern.
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Northeastern divers combed Cozumel’s coral species

A massive Nassau grouper, four species of black corals, and a spotted drum fish were among the aquatic treasures Northeastern divers found on their expedition to Cozumel, Mexico. The trip laid the groundwork for Northeastern students and researchers to plan future expeditions to Cozumel to collect samples for the Ocean Genome Legacy, a repository built to preserve species that may one day go extinct.

Physics study finds universality in cell shape as they undergo fluid-solid transition

Bi and his collaborators at the Harvard School of Public Health have just published a paper in Nature Physics on the "Geometric constraints during epithelial jamming," which looks to understand how epithelial cells change in shape and movement to heal injuries or spread cancerous cells.

Biophysicist is first professor recruited through “Game Changer” initiative

Herbert Levine, who will join Northeastern’s faculty in January 2019. Levine is the university’s first new hire through the "Game Changers Fund," a $50 million initiative to bring leading scientists and scholars to the university. Levine will also become Northeastern’s first National Academy of Sciences member.
Alexandros Makriyannis

World-renowned pharmaceutical researcher honored

Northeastern Chemistry and Chemical Biology Professor and George Behrakis Chair of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Alex Makriyannis has made a name for himself in the discovery of this important system and the pharmacological advancements that can come out of it. This spring, in recognition of his vital research, Makriyannis is being named the 2018 Nathan B. Eddy Awardee by the College on Problems of Drug Dependence (CPDD) and will be receiving an…