What are the best products to prevent, relieve chapped lips?

When the cold temperatures hit your lips and dry them out this winter, you might turn to some sort of lip product for a solution. But with a plethora of options to choose from, which will work best?

When finding a product for your chapped lips, going with something simple is best, says Leila Deravi, an associate professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Northeastern University.

“Less is more, especially for the lips, which are so sensitive,” Deravi says. “There’s products that have menthols … you’re lucky if you don’t get irritated by that stuff. I’d say the majority of people get irritated with those types of additives because it’s messing with the equilibrium of your skin barrier. … You start adding things, it’s going to irritate you.”

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Photo by Alyssa Stone/Northeastern University

Chemistry and Chemical Biology