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Thomas Gilbert

Thomas Gilbert

Associate Professor

Mailing Address:

102 HT (Hurtig Hall), Boston, MA 02115

Prof. Gilbert’s research focus is chemical and science education. His interests include developing instructional materials and pedagogical strategies that provide non-chemical contexts for introducing the principles of chemistry, and that demonstrate the centrality of chemistry among the sciences. He is exploring new ways to use technology, process-oriented guided inquiry, and cooperative teaching methods to teach large lecture sections and to promote higher order learning in science courses.

Thomas Gilbert in the news

Here’s Why Washing Your Hands With Soap for 20 Seconds Protects You From Covid-19

In soap lather, a combination of molecules assemble into bubble-like structures that trap viral matter and other biomaterials—grease, oil, dirt—and rinse them down the drain, says Thomas Gilbert, associate professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Northeastern.