Srirupa Chakraborty

Srirupa Chakraborty


  • Biomolecular Simulations, Biomolecular Simulations, Glycosciences, Soft Condensed Matter, Theoretical Biophysics, Computational Modeling

About Srirupa Chakraborty

Srirupa Chakraborty obtained a PhD in Biophysics from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2016, prior to which she had earned a B.S. in Physics from Presidency College, University of Calcutta, followed by M.S. in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology – Guwahati (India). After a brief stint as a visiting scientist at IBM Watson Research Center where her research on cognitive learning platform design led to two patents, she has been a postdoctoral researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory. There, her work developing novel tools and techniques to bridge in silico results and experimental data through theoretical modeling was recognized with the Wiley Computers in Chemistry Outstanding Research Award by the American Chemical Society in 2020, and an award by the Consortia for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Development (CHAVD) in 2019. Her research focus is in the interface of biology, chemistry and physics, where she uses computer-aided structural modeling and simulations of biomolecules. Her current research aims to elucidate the conformational dynamics of viral envelope glycoproteins and other densely glycosylated systems, ultimately designing knowledge-based therapeutic strategies and novel biomaterials.



Mailing Address:

360 Huntington Ave, 201 Cullinane Hall, Boston MA 02115


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