Quan Wan

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About Quan Wan

Quan Wan is a bioinformatics specialist and cloud computing innovator dedicated to advancing scientific discovery through technology. With a Master's degree in Bioinformatics from The George Washington University, Quan has made remarkable contributions to both research and education.

Starting as a Research Associate, Quan's journey led him to become a Software Engineer, where he developed a pivotal data portal for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), enhancing accessibility to critical scientific data.

Transitioning to Sanofi Digital R&D, Quan provided invaluable support to bioinformatics scientists, fostering advancements in drug discovery. His expertise is underscored by seven publications illuminating key facets of bioinformatics and scientific computing.

In addition to their career, Quan Wan is a passionate educator. Since 2021, he has been teaching Bioinformatics Methods, Database Management Systems, Data Warehousing Technologies, Big Data and Web Mining, and Data Structures & Algorithms at Northeastern University. This dedication to knowledge sharing exemplifies Quan's commitment to the convergence of science and technology.

As a pivotal member of a team building a robust cloud computing platform for Sanofi, Quan Wan continues to drive innovation at the intersection of technology and the life sciences, shaping the future of pharmaceutical research and development.


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