Missy McElligott

Missy McElligott

Associate Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies for Biology


  • Curriculum Design, Neural Networks In The Brainstem Mediate Locomotion In Vertebrates, Pedagogical Techniques

About Missy McElligott

I have always been thrilled to teach introductory level courses for Biology (and Biology related) majors. My hope is to illustrate the diversity of topics in biology and simultaneously demonstrate the interconnectedness of these topics. Students best learn when they are self-motivated and enthusiastic about the subject material. Therefore, my ‘Foundations in Biology’ and ‘Inquiries in Biology’ courses are designed to reflect students evolving interests in science. We discuss a range of topics including: evolutionary biology, DNA technology, drug development, bioethics, cancer and stem cells. Learning is an active and collaborative process, therefore my classes include a variety of active learning components including minute papers, team-based learning elements, concept mapping, debates, case-studies and student-lead presentations. In addition, I use the high-impact practice of Service-Learning to engage students with both the curriculum and the communities of Boston.  Finally, I aim to demonstrate the dynamic nature of science. Every day, new advancements are being made, drugs are developed, and long-held assumptions are revisited. I design my courses to incorporate new literature as it becomes available and use it as a platform on which to teach fundamental biological concepts.


Mailing Address:

134 MU (Mugar Life Sciences Building), Boston, MA 02111

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