Jan Skerswetat

Jan Skerswetat


  • Vision Science, Neuroscience, Optometry

About Jan Skerswetat

As a trained optometrist and visual psychophysicist, I am naturally gravitating towards studies of binocular visual functions, such as stereo vision, interocular grouping, and binocular rivalry. My research aims to understand those functions, and their relation to another within the visual hierarchy.

Being housed in a translational lab, I also work on novel methods to measure those functions that may lead to better testing and screening tools in the future.

Another direction I am currently taking is to work with clinical populations such as people with age-related macular degeneration, amblyopia, or the autistic spectrum condition. Here, I am using eye tracking, pupillometry, psychophysical methods and combine those with multisensory tasks. The aim here is to gain deeper insights of those groups’ visual behavior in interaction with other senses.



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