Christa Dhimo

Christa Dhimo

Professor of the Practice / Executive in Residence


  • Biotechnology And Biopharma Business, Board Advisement, Board Membership, Business Strategy & Execution, Operational Improvement, Product Launch Strategy

About Christa Dhimo

Christa is a Professor of the Practice, in the MS Biotechnology Program and Bioinformatics Program.

As an Executive in Residence, she bridges her real-world expertise with an academic application while leading the Enterprise Concentration and contributing to the competitive global growth of the program. She also serves as a D’Amore-McKim School of Business (DMSB) Domestic Consulting Sponsor and Mentor; a Strategy & Growth Lead Faculty for the College of Professional Studies’ Biotechnology and Biological Studies Program; an A2M Program Industry Liaison; and a Distinguished Speaker for the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program.

She remains active in industry as a Science Communicator, Seminar Lead, and Life Sciences Business Advisor at Impono LLC, an organization that envisions a more equitable and equal world through science. Their Mission is to Demystify Biotechnology and Advise Biotech Companies for Public Global Good.

Her 25+ year career has placed unique emphasis on business models that integrate the Sales, Operations, Financial and People side of business. Prior to Northeastern, Christa served in various executive and senior leadership roles, reporting to Boards of Directors, CEOs, and CFOs, leading and advising on initiatives to accelerate business and product launch, integrate R&D and Regulatory plans with early-stage pre-commercial and commercial strategies, oversee company resets and lead/manage overall strategy and execution.


Mailing Address:

111 Hurtig Hall Boston, MA 02115


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