Angelos Fotopoulos

Angelos Fotopoulos

Part-time Lecturer


  • Theoretical Particle Physics

About Angelos Fotopoulos

Angelos Fotopoulos earned his MSc and PhD from Northeastern University. He has a long and well-established research career in theoretical particle physics with several Post-Doctoral appointments in several universities across Europe. In 2014 he came back to the US with his family and joined Northeastern University as a lecturer. He has taught across the curriculum from introductory physics to advanced undergraduate courses. He has also taught at several liberal arts colleges in the greater Boston area. His primary research field is in quantum field theory, string thory and mathematical physics. New advances in the area of experimental and theoretical astrophysics have stimulated his interest in novel calculation methods and computational physics i.e. Machine Learning. He is very excited to and eager to teach and mentor students.


Mailing Address:

111 DA (Dana Research Center), Boston, MA 02115


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