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Open Call for Faculty to Apply for Honors Early Research Assistants for Spring 2017

The University Honors Program is pleased to announce an open call for faculty to apply for Honors Early Research Assistants for Spring 2017. Faculty may apply to sponsor a first, second or rising third year Honors student in any field.  The aim is to offer undergraduates the opportunity to work as research/lab/production/studio assistants with Northeastern […]

GMOs? Nobel laureate makes the case for Genetically Modified Organisms

Should we fear Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)? If the thought of genetically-modified organ­isms, or GMOs, brings to mind vague notions fraught with danger, Nobel lau­reate and Dis­tin­guished Uni­ver­sity Pro­fessor Sir Richard John Roberts would say you needn’t worry. In fact, he argued Thursday at North­eastern that the per­ceived dan­gers of GMOs are the result of […]

Professor Honored for Outstanding Contributions to Improving Diversity in Biomedical Engineering

Srinivas Sridhar, Uni­ver­sity Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor of Physics, Bio­engi­neering, and Chem­ical Engi­neering at North­eastern, who has led pio­neering research and edu­ca­tion ini­tia­tives in the field of nanomed­i­cine, has received the 2016 Bio­med­ical Engi­neering Society Diver­sity Award. The award, which was pre­sented ear­lier this month, honors recip­i­ents for their out­standing con­tri­bu­tions to improving gender and racial diver­sity in […]

Assistant Professor Paul Whitford Publishes Article in Nature Communications

Assistant Professor Paul Whitford’s paper, “How EF-Tu can contribute to efficient proofreading of aa-tRNA by the ribosome” published in Nature Communications this morning. The paper, published by Paul Whitford and a colleague at Rice University investigates the complex processes that keep protein production efficient and accurate.
Sir Richard Roberts talks to an audience

Pro-​​GMO: Nobel laureate makes the case for genetic modification

Nobel laureate and Distinguished University Professor Sir Richard John Roberts argues that despite what you may have heard, GMOs are safe and have the potential to save lives in developing countries.