Kim Lewis, a University Distinguished Professor of Biology in his lab with Yu Imai, a postdoctoral research student.

New antibiotic that could treat drug-resistant infections and superbugs discovered by Northeastern microbiologist in collaboration with NovoBiotic

A new antibiotic discovered by Northeastern distinguished professor Kim Lewis could be a significant new weapon in the growing fight against drug-resistant bacterial infections.

Lewis, a microbiologist and director of Northeastern’s Antimicrobial Discovery Center, co-authored a paper published Tuesday in the renowned journal Cell about the discovery and potential of clovibactin, a new antibiotic isolated from a previously uncultured bacterium found in the sandy soil of North Carolina.

Clovibactin blocks the formation of bacterial cell walls by an unusual mechanism. It works like a glove or cage to wrap around and bind three different phosphate-containing molecules needed to build the wall, according to researchers.

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Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

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