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This summer, Professors Emanuela Barberis and Toyoko Orimoto will be co-chairing the meeting of the Division of Particles & Fields of the American Physical Society

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College of Science hosts first diversity town hall for graduate students

This October, the first Diversity Town Hall for Graduate Students was held in collaboration with College of Science Dean Ken Henderson, Professor Carla Mattos of the Department of Chemistry, Professor Denise Jackson of the Department of Psychology, members from the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (OIDI), and collection of graduate students representing many departments in the college.

Reproductive biology: Fertility research brings death of dogma, birth of hope

After eight years of work, a new paper by professor Jonathan Tilly, a reproductive and stem cell biologist, “puts the final nail in the dogma coffin,” toppling a long-held belief about female fertility and ovarian aging. His findings confirm that female mammals make new eggs during adult life, that ovarian stem cells are critical to the process, and that the newly formed eggs contribute directly to maintenance of ovarian function…

Students hunt for bacteria—and amazing photos—in Chilean desert

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This summer, a group of Northeastern students explored Chile’s Atacama Desert on scales large and small—from photographing the picturesque landscapes, to searching for tiny bacteria to aid the discovery of new antibiotics—as part of a pioneering Dialogue of Civilizations program.

“Happiness and joy”: Hundreds gather on campus in awe of eclipse

On Monday, hundreds of people descended on Centennial Common to view the first total solar eclipse to traverse the continental U.S. in nearly 100 years. The grounds hummed with energy as people of all ages—students, faculty, staff, and community members—shared in the communal experience.

Watch – Safely! – the solar eclipse from Centennial Common

Stop by the solar eclipse viewing event today from 1:30 to 4 p.m. on Centennial Common. About 100 vision cards will be distributed at the event for attendees to use and share. A limited number of eclipse glasses will also be distributed first-come-first-serve at the Snell Library info desk beginning at noon.