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‘Hear Me Out; I’m Dreaming Big’

Bouchra Benghomari plans to pursue both a medical degree and a doctorate, and eventually serve as an advisor to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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BATL Awarded $4.3M MLSC Grant to Expand Facilities, Provide Biomanufacturing Trainings

Northeastern's Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory was accepted into the 2019 Competitive Capitol Program, enabling the expansion of the campus and improvement to the biomanufacturing industry.
From a cub to adulthood, this tame male cheetah was hand raised on the Na/a'ankuse Sanctuary. Pictured here, researchers were helping to assist with the FIT (Footprint Identification Technology) project. Photo courtesy of Julie Dobkins.

Lions, and Cheetahs, and Co-ops (Oh My!)

Some students go for the practical co-op. Others are looking to pursue their passions. Third year biology major Julie Dobkin asks: Why choose?
Top row: A transition from normal epithelial cells in a honeycomb pattern (top left) to shifted cells. This transition leads to increasing disorder in their shapes. Bottom row: Simulated patterns from the theoretical vertex model recapitulate cell shapes and topologies.

These Cells Protect Your Organs, but Cancer May Send Them Running. Here’s a Theory Why.

Assistant Professor of Physics Max Bi helped develop a model of cell behavior, explaining why certain conditions cause epithelial cells to transition from a solid to a fluid-like state.