Biogeochemistry and Physical Oceanography


In the face of rapid global change, it is essential to employ a multi-pronged approach to characterize the dynamic interplay between biological, geological, and chemical cycles—a field known as ‘biogeochemistry’—in the oceans.

To this end, we employ a diverse array of approaches to systematically study biogeochemical cycles in the ocean at multiple spatial scales, from the internal fluids of corals to reef-, estuarine-, and ocean-scale cycles. We also conduct laboratory experiments and observational field studies to document the impact of changing ocean chemistry on calcifying organisms, such as corals, coralline algae, and mollusks. We have also established cross-disciplinary collaborations with leading scientists (geochemists, engineers, oceanographers) across Northeastern, the nation, and the world to develop autonomous robots that allow us to collect oceanographic data throughout vast portions of the unexplored ocean.

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