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Connected Science Community PhD Summer Program

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Become part of the inaugural class of the Connected Science Community PhD Program

Do you know that PhD training prepares you for a vast set of outstanding careers?

Are you wondering how to become part of a Northeastern University graduate community?

The Northeastern University Connected Science Community PhD is an empowering new Program, designed so you get the most from your experience.

Students across disciplines form a collaborative, supportive cohort who will

  • understand the spread of careers waiting for PhD graduates
  • develop flexible skills to equip you for these careers
  • perform important research, often collaboratively
  • gain valuable external work experience
  • realize personalized, optimal PhD training

The Fully Funded Program BEGINS Summer 2022

(June 1, 2022-August 23, 2022)

  • Students entering the Program will form a cross-College Community of peers throughout PhD training, with guidance and mentoring
  • This mind-stretching, hands-on summer Program is exclusively for the Connected Science PhD Community to develop Key Skills for Success with your PhD

Working with peers, expert faculty and practitioners, you will get insight into:

  • The vast set of Careers open to PhD graduates
  • How to do top-quality Research and learn to Solve any Problem
  • Building your Confidence: not knowing, and how to find out
  • Teamwork, Collaboration and Cross-disciplinary research
  • How to Communicate and Teach anyone
  • How to Pitch, and what is Entrepreneurship anyway?
  • Technical writing and NSF proposal preparation

Students may do one or two rotations in different research groups, as per department structure, to help define an outstanding PhD research project

Beyond Summer 2022

• The cohort will continue in their departmental programs while remaining a connected community for research sharing; group mentoring and other activities

Work experience is an integral part of training, to give insight into outstanding careers, and build your network.

  • Students will be matched with work opportunities of interest.
  • The Northeastern LEADERs Program (from the PhD Network) prepares you for professional experience.

COS commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The College of Science embraces a culture of respect, where the contribution of each person is valued. We are committed to promoting equity and anti-racist policies through education and action.

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