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Robert McOwen

Robert McOwen


Mailing Address:

567 LA (Lake Hall), Boston, MA 02115

Office Address:

445 Lake Hall


  • partial differential equations

Prof. McOwen studies partial differential equations, especially linear and nonlinear elliptic equations on noncompact domains and manifolds. He uses methods of functional analysis, especially weighted Sobolev spaces. Prof. McOwen has given applications to differential geometry, especially to the conformal scalar curvature equation, a semi-linear elliptic equation relating the scalar curvatures of two conformally-related Riemannian metrics, and also to the equations of fluid dynamics.

Received my Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley in 1978, under the supervision of H.O. Cordes. After a one year NSF-AMS postdoctoral fellowship at NYU, I joined the Northeastern University Math Department in 1979.