Paul Bryce

Paul Bryce



  • Allergic Diseases, Immunology, Therapeutics, Glycobiology

About Paul Bryce

I trained in Immunology & Pharmacology in the UK before my career evolved through Harvard Medical School and onto Northwestern, were I established myself and received tenure.

My research focused on the mechanisms of allergy but collaborated into autoimmunity, oncology, infection and bioengineering. Our science took us into therapeutics, including nanoparticle-based methods to shut down hyperactivity of immune responses and state-of-the-art methods for screening drug targets. Food allergy was a major focus and I was highly involved in the philanthropy and advocacy that raised awareness of this public health challenge.

In 2017, I jumped to industry and was part of the executive team building a new Immunology & Inflammation team for Sanofi. After successfully building a pipeline that put 2 drugs into clinical trials, I was recruited to a biotech company in 2022 as their Head of Discovery.

My career includes >100 peer reviewed publications, significant research grant success, and an amazing group of students, staff and faculty that I was lucky to have been mentor to.



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