Evan Dummit

Evan Dummit

Associate Teaching Professor


  • Algebraic Combinatorics, Algebraic Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry, Competition Mathematics, Geometry Of Numbers

About Evan Dummit

Dr. Dummit received his PhD in Mathematics (specializing in number theory) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2014. His advisor was Jordan Ellenberg and his thesis was titled, “Counting number field extensions of given degree, bounded discriminant, and specified Galois closure.” After spending three years as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Rochester, Dr. Dummit was a Postdoctoral Scholar at Arizona State University.

In addition to his teaching duties at Northeastern, Dr. Dummit’s research is in algebraic number theory and algebraic combinatorics, and he also contributes challenging problems to a variety of New England and national mathematics competitions, including Mathcounts, the Vermont Mathematics Talent Search, and the UVM High School Prize Examination in Mathematics.


Mailing Address:

567 LA (Lake Hall), Boston, MA 02115


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