Christopher King

Christopher King



  • Mathematical Physics, Quantum Information Theory

About Christopher King

Professor Chris King passed away March 15, 2023.

A talented mathematician, Professor King joined the Department of Mathematics at Northeastern in 1991 and served as a dedicated scholar, educator, and mentor to colleagues and students.

Professor King studied mathematics and physics as an undergraduate at Trinity College Dublin, before receiving his PhD in Physics at Harvard University in 1984. Prior to joining Northeastern, he held positions at Princeton University and Cornell University, and was a Visiting Professor at the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London.

Professor King was a fellow of the American Mathematical Society. His research spanned many aspects of mathematical physics and applied mathematics, recently focusing on quantum information theory and distributed resource allocation algorithms. He had an uncanny ability to recognize cross-domain connectivity while embracing new ideas and technology.

He generously shared his love and excitement for math with all of his students. He encouraged first-years to explore math and science pathways through the PRISM program, and his commitment to equality of opportunity led him to serve as an advisor and mentor to secondary school students in under-resourced Boston Public Schools through Northeastern’s Bridge to Calculus program.

He will be greatly missed by his many colleagues, students, friends, and family members.


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