Winners of the 2023 Women Who Empower Innovator Awards. Left to right: Sajni Vederey, founder Shoerzo; Adebukola Ajao, founder of For All Things Digital; Madison Rifkin, CEO and founder of Mount; Rachel Domb, founder of Rooted Living; Jessica Pogranyi, co-founder of Cara a Cara.

Women Who Empower announce 2023 Innovator Awards winners

Twenty-eight entrepreneurs have been recognized for their innovative, boundary-pushing work by Northeastern University’s 2023 Women Who Empower Innovator Awards. The recipients, students and alumni from the Northeastern community, were selected by a panel of judges and will receive a record total of $500,000.

The Innovator Awards, now in their third year, are about more than providing funding for Northeastern’s changemakers. For 10 years, Women Who Empower has been building a global, inclusive women-led entrepreneurial ecosystem through events, scholarships, mentorship programs and entrepreneurial initiatives.

The $820,000 in one-time grants provided through the awards are just one piece of that puzzle. The Innovator Awards are unique in that the money goes to the individual entrepreneur, not their venture, with the intent of investing in the next generation of change-makers and offering them the network of support they need to be successful.

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Illustration by Zach Christensen/Northeastern University

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