Gene Tunik

Why a groundbreaking brain simulation machine promises new health insights

Northeastern will soon be home to a “revolutionary” new brain stimulator that could unlock frontier research opportunities across a range of scientific fields.

A group of researchers, with funding from the National Science Foundation, will acquire a machine capable of delivering transcranial magnetic stimulation(TMS), a type of non-invasive brain stimulation that scientists say could be used to study a range of health problems, brain functions, and behaviors.

Potential applications for this kind of non-invasive brain stimulation are endless, says Gene Tunik, associate dean of research and innovation at Bouvé College of Health Sciences, and the principal investigator who is overseeing the funding for the project. The technology can be used to study everything from cognition, emotion, and memory to movement disorders, motor function, and aging, he says.

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Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University.