Was a baby great white shark caught on camera for the first time? Northeastern expert explains why it could be major discovery

What is believed to be a live newborn great white shark has been spotted on camera for the first time ever, potentially providing marine biologists with the best look yet at where the apex predator may give birth.

Dan Distel, Northeastern professor of marine and environmental sciences, says the discovery could play a role in helping scientists better understand the life cycle of the great white, but more work needs to be done to confirm the legitimacy of the discovery.

The footage was captured via drone by wildlife photographer and filmmaker Carlos Gauna last summer while he was filming in Southern California. With him was Phillip Sternes, a biology doctoral student. Research authored by Gauna and Sternes on the discovery was published this week in the scientific journal Environmental Biology of Fishes.

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Screenshot via Carlos Gauna/The Malibu Artist

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