roberson combo

Veterinary assistant co-op works at animal rescue center

Meet Amber Roberson, Behavioral Neuroscience 2018:

“I’m currently co-oping as a veterinary assistant at Kids Saving the Rainforest, a non-profit animal sanctuary, rescue, and rehabilitation center in Quepos, Costa Rica. I assist the veterinarian in feeding animals, performing physical exams, and administering treatments in the hopes of rehabilitating animals and releasing them back into the wild. I also assist the animal nursery manager feeding the baby animals and teaching them how to be successful wild adults. We are the only rescue center in this area, so we work with the community and the government to provide a safe place to bring injured and orphaned wildlife, many of which are endangered species found only in Costa Rica. Additionally, we have educational initiatives to teach locals and tourists alike about the dangers of feeding wildlife and keeping them illegally as pets. One of our most successful projects is the Monkey Bridge Program; we have partnered with the local hydroelectric company to identify power lines that pose an electrocution hazard to wildlife and provide rope bridges in those areas so that animals have a safe way to cross streets.”

Behavioral Neuroscience