Left to right: Northeastern students Giona Kleinberg, Bryce Parazin, and Ari Zlota

Three Northeastern students awarded Goldwater Scholarships

Three Northeastern students—B. Parazin, Giona Kleinberg, and Ari Zlota—recently received the Barry Goldwater Scholarship, one of the nation’s most prestigious, merit-based awards for undergraduate students who plan to pursue research careers in natural sciences, engineering, and mathematics.

“These awards are a recognition of our ambitious, accomplished students and of our values as a university dedicated to experiential education,” says Jonna Iacono, director of Northeastern’s University Scholars Program. “These students are doing work that matters, and that’s why they stood out among the other applicants.”

Parazin, who will graduate with a degree in physics next spring, plans to obtain a doctoral degree in geophysics. Parazin’s research has covered both earthly topics and far-off concepts in space. Parazin has simulated the climate conditions of the Mississippi River during historic and recent floods and written programs that improve the functions of telescopes that measure gravitational waves.

“I want to highlight the great mentoring I’ve had as an undergraduate,” they say. “I’ve been fortunate to have some great guidance from some great professors, which allowed me to do some really cool research under their supervision.”

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Photos by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University.