Volunteers work at My Brother’s Table, the largest soup kitchen on Boston’s North Shore, to provide meals for takeout and delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo by Ruby Wallau/Northeastern University

This Soup Kitchen Needed Help. The Marine Science Center Faculty Delivered.

As with so many organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced My Brother’s Table, a soup kitchen in Lynn, Massachusetts, to change how they serve guests while maintaining the positive atmosphere the Table is known for. Much of that comes down to community support, and the community at Northeastern’s Marine Science Center in Nahant, Massachusetts, has come together to help in a variety of ways.

Torrance Hanley, associate research scientist at the Marine Science Center, has been preparing lunches and dinners at home, and dropping off 50 meals each week at the Table.

Randall Hughes, associate professor of marine and environmental sciences, first volunteered at the Table with Hanley, and has also volunteered preparing meals during the pandemic. For Hughes, it’s been inspiring to see her coworkers at the Marine Science Center unite around My Brother’s Table. Even her daughter in fifth grade, Lilli, got involved, taking the challenge of the pandemic and turning it into an opportunity to help.

This story was originally published on News@Northeastern on June 1, 2020. To continue reading, click here.

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