Undergraduate Emily Batt Wins NU COS Co-op Expo

Congratulations to Physics major Emily Batt who came in first place at the first annual COS Co-op Expo. Emily was one of 16 students who presented their work and research from their co-op jobs.
October 19, 2011

NSF $1.8M Interdisciplinary Grant Awarded to NU Professors

Physics Professor Alessandro Vespignani and Political Science Professor David Lazer have been awarded a $1.8M interdisciplinary grant from NSF to study independent networks in the context of socio-technical systems.
September 23, 2011

NU Physicists in Outreach to Local High Schools

Professor George Alverson met this week with local high school physics teachers to help test and revise the Quarknet Masterclass exercise, which will be used this spring nation-wide.
September 01, 2011

Article Published in Nature is a Major Breakthorough in Cuprate Superconductivity

Ginestra Bianconi, an assistant professor of physics at Northeastern University, was part of a team of scientists who discovered an innovative way of using external stimuli, such as x-rays, to bring disorganized oxygen atoms to a state of equilibrium in only one day—a process that would normally take months to accomplish.
August 24, 2011

Co-op in Geneva, Switzerland

Edward Vaisman (Class of 2012) is a dual major in Electrical engineering and Physics who doing a co-op in Geneva, Switzerland.
August 18, 2011

CMS Submits 100th Paper

The CMS collaboration, represented at Northeastern by Professors George Alverson, Emanuela Barberis, and Darien Wood, and others, submitted its one-hundredth physics paper for publication.
August 09, 2011

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