Building a robot that can “see” smell

Ryan Myers of the Ayers lab is working on a unique to get robots to "smell" their surroundings in order to better represent typical group behavior of a particular species - in this case, bees.
August 12, 2013

Becky Rosengaus quoted in Scientific American

From Infectious Selflessness: How an Ant Colony Becomes a Social Immune System. Rebeca Rosengaus of Northeastern University was impressed with the variety of experiments and analyses in the new study, which she says “provides further support that social immunity is a real phenomenon, not only in ants, but also in termites and probably eusocial wasps […]
June 03, 2013

Virtual Welcome Day

The College of Science would like to invite you to take part in a “virtual welcome day” Saturday, February 16, 2013. The event kicks off at 12 p.m., and will continue throughout the day, highlighting each of our programs.
February 11, 2013

A ‘Model’ Approach to Studying Coastal Ecosystems

In the Pacific North­west, beach grass com­mu­ni­ties often create sand dunes that mit­i­gate coastal ero­sion and flooding risks stem­ming from rising sea levels caused by cli­mate change.
September 24, 2012