Northeastern Assistant Professor of Physics and Bioengineering Bryan Spring demonstrates how a pulsed laser works in his lab in the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex.

New laser treatment for ovarian cancer gets $2.7 million development grant

A biomedical physics lab at Northeastern has received a $2.7 million grant to develop a new treatment for ovarian cancer that will use lasers to spot and target chemo-resistant cancer cells and boost a patient’s immune system.

“We’re using light to power a therapy, if you will. We’re also using light to interrogate a tumor,” says Bryan Q. Spring, associate professor of biomedical physics at Northeastern University.

Spring’s lab, in collaboration with Heiko Enderling’s lab at MD Anderson Cancer Center and Moffitt Cancer Center, has been awarded a Physical Sciences Oncology Network grant of $2.7 million from the National Cancer Institute for a research project called  “Fractionated photoimmunotherapy to harness low-dose immunostimulation in ovarian cancer.”

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Photo by Alyssa Stone/Northeastern University

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