Jacqueline, a student in the College of Science PlusOne Program, has completed her undergraduate degree in Chemistry and will be graduating with her master’s degree in Chemistry in August 2020. Jackie would recommend the PlusOne program to students who want to get a more advanced degree, but do not want to complete a PhD, as a Master’s degree is usually included in a PhD.

Jacqueline Wood’s Journey Through Two Degrees

What motivated you to pursue a PlusOne master’s degree?

I decided to pursue the PlusOne program before I started college. It was one of the reasons I chose Northeastern, besides co-op. I knew before I began college that I wanted to work in a forensic science lab, analyzing either drug substance or toxicology samples. I learned that in order to work in a forensics lab, I would need a bachelor’s degree, and a master’s degree was recommended. So I looked for schools that had options beyond a bachelor’s degree. Another thing that motivated me to pursue the PlusOne program is that it overlaps with the undergrad degree, reducing the amount of time overall. I still spent the same amount of time on each degree as normal bachelors and masters degrees (4 and 2 years), but I was able to complete both my degrees in 5 years.

Can you tell me about your overall experience as a participant in the PlusOne program?

My time in the PlusOne program has been well spent. The biggest benefit to me is the shortened timeline. Another benefit was learning at the undergrad and grad level at the same time. I actually learned about the applications of something in one of my graduate classes that was then taught in an undergraduate class in more detail. By learning similar things at both levels, I was able to make more connections between the basics of the material and the applications that I would not have otherwise been able to make.

How did PlusOne and COS help shape your interests and/or prepare you for your future?

The PlusOne program and COS have prepared me for my future by helping me figure out what I would like to do, and what I would not like to do, by exposing me to a variety of classes and research. The classes gave me new ideas about chemistry, and things I might like, but the research aspect has really helped me define what I like/don’t like, and helped me to discover what I want from a career in the sciences.

What do you plan on doing post-graduation?

Post graduation I plan to work in a forensic science lab, analyzing drug substances or toxicology samples in either a state or private lab.

Congratulations, Jacqueline, from everyone at the College of Science and good luck in your future endeavors! We hope to see you around campus again soon!

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