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Do we still need to hold onto COVID-19 vaccination cards?

Where is your COVID-19 vaccination card? Is it in your wallet or purse? Is it at home, buried in a pile of mail? Is it lost?

If you’re not sure, you’re not alone.

“It’s tucked away at home, I think,” said Northeastern student Kenny Nguyen, who was hanging out with friends near Centennial Common on Northeastern’s Boston campus this week. “It’s in my dorm.”

“I have it in my wallet,” fellow student Emily Xu said.

“I have no idea. My parents have it,” Skye Toral said. “I’ve never used it.”

Do we still need to hold onto COVID-19 vaccination cards? While many COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, including in Boston, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still recommends holding onto your card and taking a photo of it. However, since the card is no longer required in so many places, some are left wondering: why bother?

“I have mine with me, but I haven’t used it in ages,” Northeastern student Deanna Turner said.

Jared Auclair, an associate teaching professor of chemistry and chemical biology in the College of Science at Northeastern, recommends keeping your card at hand.

“Yes, folks should still hang onto your vaccine cards,” he said. “Most places aren’t requiring proof of vaccination at this point, but there are some meetings, spaces and locations that are.”

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Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University.

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