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Diving into Three Seas

Photos by Jaxon Derow
Three Seas is a year long field-and-research intensive program taught across three locations: Northeastern’s Marine Science Center in Massachusetts, University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Labs, and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.
Composed entirely of graduate-level courses, the program is available to both undergraduate and graduate students alike. It aims to provide students with a strong background in both temperate and tropical marine ecology.

The first few days of DRM can be challenging and exhausting, but by the end of the course, confident and competent divers emerge with the ability to conduct university level underwater research.  These tools will be sharpened further during the following semester, where students spend a week diving during their time in Washington and are in the water every morning during their time in Panama. 

Beneath the surface, students find that although new to the local underwater environment, they’ve been given the tools in their Invertebrate Zoology and Marine Botany class to be familiar with what surrounds them.
The last three weeks of the Nahant semester are devoted to Diving Research Methods, where students gain the skills necessary to become Scientific Divers, sponsored by the American Academy of Underwater Sciences.
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