Sophie Shrand stands in front of solar panels and looks towards the sun while wearing sunglasses.

Cross-country trek in electric vehicle tests the limits of charging network, finds faces tackling climate change along the way

When Northeastern graduate and TV show host Sophie Shrand decided she was going to make a documentary about taking a cross-country trip in an electric vehicle, she knew she needed to do more than just travel from Point A to Point B.

Along the journey, it was important for her to meet some of the many individuals working to make transportation more sustainable, she says.

Starting from her home in Los Angeles on Sept. 7, she traveled across the country’s heartland to New York City in 13 days. The trip certainly has had its challenges, but she made some memorable experiences along the way.

“I went horseback riding with cowboys in Bryce Canyon, Utah. We met people working in a library in a tiny little town in Kansas that have started a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) program. We’ve met students in Ohio who are building electric motorcycles,” she says.

And she’s not done yet.

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Photo by Brendan Mulhern

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