Co-op takes BNS student to special needs school in Peru

Meet Emilie Miller, Behavioral Neuroscience 2018:

“My current co-op is as a volunteer in a special needs school in Cusco, Peru, where kids with a wide range of disabilities, from Down Syndrome to Autism to Cerebral Palsy, are cared for.  After working at a psychiatric hospital in Boston where many of the children had similar issues as the children at the school here, I was excited to offer my skills and experience. There is certainly a difference in how children with disabilities are treated in Peru compared to the U.S., there are scarce resources here, little knowledge about the disorders and disabilities, and often times parents will abandon their children if they have one I’d these disabilities. In addition, the school is severely understaffed so days are very busy but are also endlessly joyful. Working with these children is my favorite part of being here; I’d take them over Machu Picchu any day.”

Behavioral Neuroscience