Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Yes, please click here for more information about our monthly tours. The Marine Science Center is open to active members of the Northeastern community during business hours, by appointment only – please contact [email protected] for scheduling and information.

Nahant Beach is open to the public year-round. Note that there is a fee to park there at certain times of the year.

Persons interested in pursuing volunteer internships should browse the faculty and research pages for matching research interests.

Info on programs is on our website. If you have additional questions, call or email Sierra Munoz at 617.373.2825 or [email protected]

Parking spaces are located on the right side of field, on the side of the property closest to the main building. Parking at the Marine Science Center is for authorized personnel only – requests for parking access must be made in advance.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.

All college classes that want to visit must obtain permission from the Laboratory Manager, and must complete all required paperwork prior to the visit. First-time visitors will require additional training and approval from the Laboratory Manager.

During off-hours, the gate to the MSC is locked. For weekend visits (granted only with advance permission), the Laboratory Manager will arrange for someone to let visitors in.

Groups cannot collect seawater or life without prior permission.

No, weddings and birthday parties are not permitted on MSC campus.

Companies and universities are permitted to host educational events in the bunker room with approval from the Laboratory Manager. Fill out the contact form and use the “notes” section to describe the event. We are unable to reserve space more than three months in advance.

Outdoor group events are only permissible for internal Northeastern University groups.