Experiential Learning

College of Science Co-op Expo

What is Co-op?

Students studying behavioral neuroscience pursue many different career paths. The Cooperative Education (co-op) program allows students the ability to explore several career options by gaining practical experience working in the field with local, domestic and international employer partners. Semesters of academic study alternate with six-month periods of work experience. Students in a spring co-op rotation will work January – June and students in a fall co-op rotation will work July – December. Participating in co-op fulfills the experiential education requirement and students have the opportunity to participate in up to three co-op rotations.

Check out previous student co-ops featured in Northeastern’s annual Co-op Expo here.


All students interested in participating in co-op must complete and pass the one-credit Introduction to Professional Development course covering resume writing, career choices, job search skills, ethics, and professional etiquette.


An important part of the co-op experience is reflection. Students will complete four reflection activities throughout their co-op experience. These activities allow students to look back on their growth and development and utilize that information to determine its impact on their career and academic plans.

Co-op Coordinators

Students are supported throughout the co-op process by a dedicated co-op coordinator. A student’s coordinator is assigned based on the student’s last name.

Employer Partners

We are committed to preparing students for a wide variety of careers and graduate programs, doing so by placing students in co-ops and other work experiences related to their specific areas of interest. Behavioral neuroscience offers jobs in many research, clinical, business, and nonprofit settings. View a sampling of past co-op employers below:

Arbour Hospital
Mental Health Associate

Boston Children’s Hospital – Manton Center for Orphan Disease Research
Research Assistant, Genetic Counseling

Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Sleep Laboratory Technician

Cambridge Biomedical Research Group
Project Management Intern

Harvard Medical School – Neurobiology Department
Research Tech

Howard Hughes Medical Institute-Janelia Farm Research Campus
Laboratory Assistant

Massachusetts General Hospital – Institute for Neurodegeneration
Research Assistant

McLean Hospital – Behavioral Psychopharmacology Research Laboratory
Research Assistant

Neuroelectronics Research Flanders (NERF)
Research Assistant
Pfizer – Neuroscience & Pain Research Unit
Research Assistant

Research & Development Co-op