Jared Auclair

They’re Using Virtual Reality to Ensure Patients Get Safe and Effective Drugs

In efforts to help researchers produce quality medicine worldwide, Northeastern’sBiopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory, established in 2014 and directed by Jared Auclair, is training students, researchers, and drug regulators worldwide on the best practices and challenges involved in producing new drugs. In early 2019, Auclair’s lab received a $4.3 million grant from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center to expand its research space, which is being used to help trainees understand potential issues in the drug-making process, such as falsified data or information that has been tampered with, Auclair says.

Associate teaching professor of biotechnology, Jared Auclair, says as the scientific community rushes to develop a vaccine and treatments for the COVID-19 illness, the quality and safety of new drugs is more important than ever.

This article was originally published on News@Northeastern on May 5, 2020. To read more, click here.