Headshot of Mehak Gupta

Q&A with Mehak Gupta, MS in Biotechnology

What is your major, and when are you graduating?

I’m enrolled in the Master of Science in Biotechnology program and will be graduating in 2023.

Why did you decide to enroll at Northeastern University and pursue an advanced degree in biotechnology?  

Northeastern’s co-op program was a critical factor in my decision to come here, in addition to the wide variety of specialization offerings in biotech. I’m unsure of my exact future career path, and this flexibility lets me explore various options.

What has your experience been like in the program so far?

The program is highly detailed, and the best part is the faculty. My professors are always ready to help both in the classroom and outside of it. I have learned a lot from my peers too, the level of engagement in the classes really pushes you to think critically about discussion topics.

What is your favorite part of the program, and why?  

My favorite aspect of the program is the biotech enterprise. I never thought that it would be something that would interest me, but I was so wrong. The subject is extremely engaging and is an excellent introduction to the business of biotech. It has widened my viewpoint of the industry.

What are your post-graduation plans?  

For now, my goal is to gain practical knowledge and experience in the biotech field. I’ll be looking for a co-op position in about a year. In the long run, I’m thinking of pursuing a PhD.