Janvi Choksi, MS Biotechnology student

Q&A with Janvi Choksi, MS Biotechnology

What’s your name, what you are studying, and expected graduation date? 

Hello everyone! I am Janvi Choksi, and I am currently pursuing Master of Science in Biotechnology. My expected graduation date is December 31, 2024. 

What is your favorite part about being in the master’s program at Northeastern? 

My favorite part of pursuing a master’s program from Northeastern is the exposure to various fields. The learning process here is not only limited to the research sector of biotechnology but also towards business and market needs. There are also co-op opportunities and summer internships in which one can get engaged and endure their knowledge to a better extent. Also, from the third semester on, we can take electives which are specialized for the parts of biotechnology that I am interested in. Obtaining a master’s degree from Northeastern is a wonderful opportunity.

How has hands-on research in labs enhanced your future career aspirations? 

Being a student interested in research, I think Northeastern has great facilities. There are various departmental laboratories. Getting hands-on research at this stage is such an asset. I have enhanced my critical thinking, molecular, and cytological skills. In the future, these skills and techniques that I have cultivated will help me stand out. Northeastern always welcomes new ideas and approaches. The faculty always encourages me, which is best thing I have come across. 

What has been your favorite co-op/internship and why? 

I am currently on an internship at Massachusetts General Hospital. My main position is in the Skeletal Biological Research Centre and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery department. The experience is fabulous every day. I encounter new challenges and overcoming them makes me more confident. I get a chance to enact my ideas and my mentors help me through each step in the process. I have also applied various skills and techniques which I learned from Northeastern at the hospital, like suturing animals and tissue engineering. Apart from this, I am engaged in the Journal Study club, which makes me feel more attached to current research and discussions surrounding it.

What drew you to complete your master’s degree at Northeastern? 

The most important thing that Northeastern University gives me is the background and environment to grow in. The opportunities and learning experiences which I get from here are very unique. There are also various clubs such as Art Blanche where I can purse my passion and career simultaneously. There are diversified backgrounds and cultures on campus. 

What are your plans for the summer/fall semester? 

For my fall semester, I have plans to explore stem cells and tissue engineering. Also, I am looking to work in laboratories at Northeastern.

What advice would you give to new students? 

Doing a master’s program is challenging path but once you get into it, it will be memorable. Northeastern makes it special with educational and recreational apprenticeships. 


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