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Q&A with Ellen Smith: CaNCURE Spring Cohort

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What is your major and projected graduation year?

I’m a Biochemistry major projected to graduate in May 2023.

Tell us about your CaNCURE co-op experience.

I started my CaNCURE co-op working remotely, researching and writing a review paper on clinical applications of non-coding RNA on treating cancer and other illnesses.

When I could access the lab in person, I worked on culturing cells, running assays, and synthesizing nano drugs while using the rest of my time to finish the research paper.

How did you learn about the co-op opportunity with CaNCURE?

I first heard about CaNCURE from an upperclassman I met while working in an on-campus lab. He and my co-op advisor (at the time), Chris Egan, both recommended it highly, so I applied as soon as it was posted on NUWorks.

Why did you choose to pursue this co-op experience?

I started working in a lab on campus my freshman year, so I knew I wanted to pursue a co-op to further my experience and education in cancer biology research. CaNCURE provided many unique opportunities, and I was excited about the mentorship program and weekly seminars.

Did your co-op experience offer insight into what you may want to pursue in your future professional or academic career?

Yes, my experience with the CaNCURE program definitely reinforced my interest in pursuing research, especially research in novel therapeutics for cancer. In addition, the breadth of speakers that the program brought in to talk with us was also eye-opening to the variety of research areas within the field.

What else are you involved with at the College of Science and Northeastern?

I’m a peer mentor for the Biochemistry Club. I’ve also been involved with the Spring Lab since the fall of 2019, which has expanded my research interests and allowed me to learn a lot outside of class.

I’m a Husky Ambassador, I volunteer with Boston Health Initiative, and I’m a skater and the vice president of events for the Northeastern Figure Skating Club team.

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